Diaphragm ForJBL 2425,2425H 2426H, 2427H,2421H, 2461H, 2420H,2470H 16 ohms

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Diaphragm for JBL 2425J, 2426J, 2427J, 2420J

                    JBL 2425H, 2426H, 2427H, 2420H 16ohm

 Overall diaphragm diameter 2 15/16-in or 74mm

 Voice coil diameter 1 3/4-in or 44mm

 Mounting holes are 2 1/4-in or 57mm center to center

                    This diaphragm has a titanium dome with an aluminum edge-wound voice coil 
                     on a kapton former just to handle the heat created on a voice coil more efficient.

It will fit on the following JBL cabinets or drivers.

JBL: 2425, JBL 2425H, JBL 2426, JBL 2426H, JBL 2427, JBL 2427H, 4660, 4430LR, 4632M-HF, 4632M-HF-T, 811C-L,R, 813C-L,R, 815C-L,R, AS4725ANW, CD-3115, CD3115, CD 3115, I-724, I724, I 724, I-724P, I724P, I 724P,I-725AP, I725AP, I 724AP, P-724, P724, P 724, P-724P1, P724P1, P 724P1, P-725AP, P725AP, P 725AP, SP212-A/WH, SR-4702X, SR4702X, SR 4702X, SR-4704, SR4704, SR 4704, SR-4704A, SR4704A, SR 4704A, SR-4725, SR4725, SR 4725, SR-4725A, SR4725A, SR 4725A, SR-4725X, SR4725X, SR 4725X, SR-4725XF, SR4725XF, SR 4725XF, SR-4735XF, SR4735XF, SR 4735XF, VS-2110WH, VS2110WH, VS 2110WH, VS-3115WH, VS3115WH, VS 3115WH, and others!

This diaphragm will handle the same amount of power, and sounds the same as 
the original JBL 2425 diaphragms, guaranteed!

 JBL 2425H, 2426H, 2427H, 2420H 16ohm

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